Balsall Heath Park B12 

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Friends of Balsall Heath Park

Community Vision

A bright and sunny day in Balsall Heath park.

The theme of this years event is 'RESPECT'.
Respect for the park, respect for each other and respect for ourselves.

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Decisions, decisions..........

Judging the exhibition of local talents:  arts and crafts, flowers and vegetable entries.

A miniature garden stole the show.

Categories included a "Respect poster", recycled sculpture, "my best friend picture" and "my Balsall Heath photo" also several under sevens categories.

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Table-top stalls - 'clear out your junk'!

Balloons  awaiting release, the long distance traveller wins a prize.
The Friends of Balsall  Heath Balloon Race is unlikely to take place again.
R.S.P.C.A. information given to us by Beverley aged 2.8 highlights the devastation to wild animals and fishes fatally attracted to the balloon remnants.

Specta and Errol recruit  football participants
and sort them into teams

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For years gladiatorial contests have taken place in the park and
many a milk tooth is  buried beneath its turf

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This link for football and
other rough stuff