Class 37 in early railfreight livery looking mean and moody,
English Electric 1750 H.P Type 3 C0-C0 Diesel Electric.

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Class 47 going for a drink .typically about 400 gallons at a time.
A Class 27 eases past.

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General corner view of thinned out bus garage with level crossing visible.

4 H M Prison Wormwood Scrubs prison van

Yard view of Bus garage showing a Wolverhampton and a 'northern' town single decker.
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The current layout is in the process of being upgraded. The track has been upgraded .at great expense! This creates a better rolling surface and adds to the realism and enjoyment. It has been fully ballasted. Many of the old buildings will be re-used but far fewer will be needed to achieve the best effect.
It is lit for nighttime viewing using about 35 mini-bulbs and LED's.
The layouts tend to evolve over time .a 'good' layout can take anything from two to five years adding to and pruning as you go. You can live in the town as you try to recreate it.

Great satisfaction can be achieved from building and assembling the models - even when things go horribly wrong. Many a time I break things but I have learnt not to worry over such things . the first thought then is ' do I repair this'. This may possibly be a therapeutic device!.
Hours and hours pass by effortlessly and pleasantly. It is not unusual to start 'pottering' about at midday and still be there at 10 p.m.!! A day well spent.


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