Bedroom Decor

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ultra violet responsive paints

These pantomime like images fit the theme and look astonishingly surreal when illuminated with ultra violet light.

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Illuminated ultra violet paintings don't photograph well .......however,  to see example click here
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bedroom mural
( 6ft x 9ft )
from the scene printed on a Japanese rice paper  wallet

painted using uv responsive paints.

It  took about 10 hours to complete

the effect is astounding

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oz.jpg (19687 bytes)

Painted using acrylics on a bedroom wall on the 15th floor of a tower block.

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what is uv

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Above : 6 ft x 4 ft ( panal  no 2 ) one of eight panals that join together to create a 32 ft long and 6 ft tall ultra violet mural.  (FOR SALE)

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what is uv